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 BP Times Photo Gallery Requests :)

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PostSubject: BP Times Photo Gallery Requests :)   Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:41 pm

Hey everyone!
Since you all know I can't take all the photos for the BP times,
You guys can send em in!

Before you send your pictures in you should be aware that you should NEVER
post pictures that show your password.
For example the login place.
If you take a picture of you logging in you should be sure to EDIT it and put black paint onto
the photo of the PASSWORD slot thanks!!

You can send them in by posting them on new post!

By the way you should also be aware that your photo may not get picked!

Also here's a tip for all the senders :
Before you send em in, starting today, LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TIMES!
It will say a theme. And that theme is the key to get into the bearville times!
Good luck getting into the bearville times!

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BP Times Photo Gallery Requests :)
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