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 Bearville Paradise.

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PostSubject: Bearville Paradise.   Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:37 pm

Today i would like to talk about the website Bearville Paradise.
Bearville Paradise is the only place where people understand what people are going through in Bearville.
Today i encountered a mean girl. What happend was she told me that she didnt like my posts in Bearville Paradise. It made me really upset because this is supposed to be a loving website where people just talk about bearville. Not how someone posts in bearville. If you like/love my posts message me. I LOVE BEARVILLE PARADISE.
My thoughts totally changed about how people are on here though. As much as i love bearville paradise i have to say that some people are mean and should be banned.
thank you for taking your time reading my post and thoughts
love you all
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Bearville Paradise.
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