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 BP Back2School4Learning Parttyy!

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PostSubject: BP Back2School4Learning Parttyy!   Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:02 pm

Hey since you know...teachers are pretty sad Sad
Teachers... most don't like summer... and... well school is kinda exciting for most..
not much.. so I was thinking.. BP never had a first party.... teachers. . . .. excited students... equals. .. . * Grabs calculator *........
Party time!!!

The party is gonna be on the Bearville Paradise Offical Chat Box :

Well .. . .. heres the info you need Smile

Day : September 6th 2011

Location : Bearville Paradise... and the BP chat box Smile

Time : Well this depends what time zone your in Smile I'm pacific.. idk the time zones but for me its gonna be AFTERNOON 12:00 Straight Smile

Stuff to bring : You of course Smile Some coffee... turkey Turkey.. and your Chat Box Dance Moves!! mj

Stuff NOT to bring : cow < The cow.. ..

Stuff Recommended : Bruno Mars, Some Coffee Smile NO TEA

Last of all....
Recruit Party People!
I want this to be the BIGGEST party of BP since this is the FIRST ever party.
So do me a favor, bring yourselfs, and PARTY PEOPLE!

This party is for the students and teachers... and party people!!


Btw heres the form to be on V.I.P list Smile
PM me this form and you'll be PMed when your form is accepted Smile

Name : ____________
Day : ________________
Coffee's Name :
Pets Name : ____________ ( if you dont have a pet skip this )
If you want to be a Party Helper ..
PM me this letter Smile

Name :
Day :
Coffee's Name :
What you would like to do as a party helper :
V.I.P List Form Limit : 5 Requests Per Person.
V.I.P List People Limit : 15 OR LESS PEOPLE
Party Helper Form Limit : 3 Requests PER Person
Party Helpers Limit : 5 Helpers.
Thanks everyone!

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BP Back2School4Learning Parttyy!
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